About Me

I joined Adobe in April 2021, building cool new features for mobile cameras in Marc Levoy's computational photography team. Prior to Adobe, I was part of the Compute Team at Raxium which was recently acquired by Google. I hold a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from RWTH Aachen University.

Outside of work you can either find me playing piano, hiking with my Siberian Husky Lucy, or searching for new places to go kitesurfing.

Research + Projects

  • DiffusionRig: Learning Personalized Priors for Facial Appearance Editing

    Z. Ding, C. Zhang, Z. Xia, L. Jebe, Z. Tu, X. Zhang
    CVPR 2023

    project page  |  arXiv

  • Neural Photo-Finishing

    E. Tseng, Y. Zhang, L. Jebe, C. Zhang, Z. Xia, Y. Fan, F. Heide, J. Chen
    SIGGRAPH Asia 2022

    project page  |  paper

  • Neural Lumigraph Rendering

    P. Kellnhofer, L. Jebe, A. Jones, R. Spicer, K. Pulli, G. Wetzstein
    CVPR 2021 (best paper candidate)

    project page  |  arXiv  |  dataset